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The essence of healthy living is achieving balance between the mind, body, and soul. The Health Wave RLC encourages students to make connections between their physical bodies, their lifestyles, and the world we live in.

— Scott Tims, Assistant Vice President, Campus Health

Health Wave

A communal living opportunity focused on self-care, wellness, and public health, Health Wave encourages students to take care of themselves and their communities. Initiatives include workshops, dinners with guest faculty speakers, access to exclusive fitness and wellness programs, mindfulness instruction, and nutritional support.

  • Opportunities for community engagement
  • An enriching and supportive environment
  • Freedom and flexibility to form ideas about health and wellness

During freshman year, students are faced with a broad range of experiences and choices. The community of Health Wave is geared toward mindful choices and an intentional mindset. Residents here benefit from a variety of resources provided through a partnership with Campus Health, including mindfulness instruction, yoga, and nutritional support. In addition, residents are afforded the opportunity to interact with a variety of health-focused faculty in a casual atmosphere.

Affiliated TIDES

All first-year students at Tulane Universities are required to take a TIDES course. Members of Residential Learning Communities have the opportunity to enroll in a TIDES course that explores the concepts and values of their community in depth. In 2017, the affiliated courses for Health Wave are:

  • “Brainwave: How to Make Self-Care Part of Your College Experience” (TIDE 1014-01). In this course students will have the opportunity to learn about and experientially explore life-enhancing practices and perspectives developed over millennia of human inquiry and validated within the exciting new field of positive psychology.
  • “Mindfulness: Understanding Self and Emotions” (TIDE 1113-01). Students will learn different traditional Tibetan mindfulness techniques, application of mindfulness practices in understanding destructive emotions and cultivating positive emotions. Information will be based on recent scientific research and ancient Tibetan practices.
  • "Happiness & Human Flourishing". More information coming soon.

Living Options

Health Wave is based in Butler Hall.

How to Apply

You may apply for the Health Wave RLC through the student housing application process. Your answers to some supplemental, RLC-specific questions will be evaluated by a committee. If you are accepted, you will be notified and be sent more information on the room selection and roommate process.

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