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As part of the Get Engaged RLC, students have a unique opportunity to explore New Orleans, get to know its communities, and see how they can contribute to sustainable social change.

— Katie Houck, Associate Director, Center for Public Service

Get Engaged

Get Engaged offers students the opportunity to reach out and build relationships with New Orleans communities through intentional, community-minded activities. Residents engage in individual volunteerism, organizational involvement, informative lectures, workshops, and forums that encourage civic engagement.

  • Volunteer with local and national community partners
  • Community discussions and guest speakers
  • Opportunities to shape experience as Tulane students and residents of New Orleans

Recognizing local communities as equal partners and valuable educators, residents of the Get Engaged RLC learn from a diverse array of campus and community experts through workshops, lectures, and forums. Students will learn how to respectfully enter and engage with communities in order to contribute to solutions for social challenges. Through regular community engagement activities, students will develop an understanding of the challenges New Orleans's communities face and develop relationships with organizations addressing these issues and ultimately mature as people and leaders.

Affiliated TIDES

All first-year students at Tulane Universities are required to take a TIDES course. Members of Residential Learning Communities have the opportunity to enroll in a TIDES course that explores the concepts and values of their community in depth. In 2017, the affiliated courses for Get Engaged are:

  • "Celebrate NOLA: The Relationship Between Culture, Festivals and Identity" (TIDE-1075-01). "In this city, we celebrate anything and everything.” This quote, made famous by Irma Thomas, aptly describes the rich culture and identity of the city of New Orleans. But what’s behind the many celebrations in the city, how individuals connect to them, and how they tell the story of New Orleans will be further explored through this one-credit course. Through this course, students will examine how social identities are interwoven into the fabric of New Orleans and reflect on their own social identities through connecting to music, festivals, and non-profits around the city. Students will connect with the city of New Orleans while experiencing and reflecting on cultures, situations, and ideas that are different from their own. Guest speakers, field trips, and topics including Hurricane Katrina, Mardi Gras, and local organizations, will allow students to foster a deeper connection with the city of New Orleans and a better understanding of both their own social identities, social justice, and the many identities that are woven into the fabric of New Orleans.
  • "Who Dat, Fan Up & Geaux: Sports & New Orleans" (TIDE-1090-01). More than simply ‘talking sports,’ students will study issues from political, economic and social viewpoints and also gain an understanding of the rich sports heritage found here in New Orleans. Readings and discussions, field trips, and guest speakers will aid students to understand both historical accounts and modern day subjects associated with sports such as governmental involvement, public financing, and community development. Students will participate in a mandatory service learning component.

Living Options

Get Engaged is in the Barbara Greenbaum House.

How to Apply

You may apply for the Get Engaged RLC through the student housing application process. Your answers to some supplemental, RLC-specific questions will be evaluated by a committee. If you are accepted, you will be notified and be sent more information on the room selection and roommate process.

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